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Laphroaig commisioned Hans Offringa and me in the fall of 2014 to do an up-date of our first book 'The Legend of Laphroaig' on the occasion of the bicentenary of the distillery.
I researched Laphroaig for over fifteen years, a lot of this research you can read
in the news (scroll down!)- and history section of this website and is processed in our new book.
Hans did most of both the text and contemporary part.
Besides Laphroaig's history, I supplied all scans, old pictures, maps, bottles
and the majority of the contemporary photographs.
I am especially proud of the Johnston family tree, which took me several years to draft.
Hans had the privilege to publish '200', since I had published 'The Legend' in 2007 (Still Publishing).
'200 years of Laphroaig' was launched November 7th 2015.


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