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This is a collection of pictures of very old Laphroaigs.
Cautiousness has to be exercised establishing their authenticity. My advice is always consult the SWRI.

Not long ago an amount of genuine, old whisky labels and bottles was found.
Probably 60-70% of the labels of antique bottles are OK and also the glass may be old. The big problem is the whisky inside and cork and capsule. Part of an old bottle may be real while another part is fake. Often and all too happy is being referred to radiocarbon analysis of a "twin bottle". Radiocarbon analysis isn't very accurate and what does it say about the bottle concerned? It may contain old(er) whisky, but is it Laphroaig? Up till the 1930s whisky was rarely bottled and sold as a single malt and export was even rarer. It has always struck me that suddenly entire cases of a particular antique bottle seem to show up. To my shame I have found out myself how clever forgers are. It's a skill...

Personally I question the genuineness of the top five bottles. They are not in my possession.

| Laphroaig 10 years | Laphroaig different years | Laphroaig "HRH" |

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